include data from excel to cesium and link it to some geoJson's map

Hello everyone.
My application of cesium consists of a 3d building viewer in 3d tiles and a geojson layer that contains different areas of urban projects. This geoJson contains the name and an ID for each area. I have an Excel table with the ID of each area. In this table there are the routes to the internal directories of the pc that contain the descriptions, the photos, the technical report, etc.

I would like to include a search engine for areas that zoomed in the geoJson and that at the same time would allow me to access the linked directories ... I have seen a library like sheet.js that allows converting excel sheets to json ... some idea on how to do it? Thank you very much


Hey Pol,

Retrieving the ID from the geoJSON is the only Cesium-specific part of this problem, so I would suggest asking on a more general web development forum for better answers to retrieving the info from the excel spreadsheet. Let us know if you have anymore question related to visualizing or interacting the GeoJSON in Cesium.



Hi Gabby. Thanks for yout quick answer. Not many days ago I found a Js library called Sheet.js that allows visualize excel sheet in json format…it works fine and it’s what I need.

Thank you very much


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