Internal server error (500) collada online converter


I tried to upload a collada (.dae) using the online converter but I got a internal server error (500). I changed the path of the texture file (.png) in the .dae file but I got still the same server error.
Any suggestions?


Can you share the model? It’s impossible for us to know what the problem is unless we can reproduce it on our end. If you can’t share it publicly, please email me privately at If you can’t share it at all, then it’s going to be hard to determine the issue.

Hello Matthew,
thank you for your support.

Please find attached the zipped .dae and .jpg files.

Thank you! (188 KB)

Sorry for the delayed reply. Trying to convert it with the latest version of our tool, I’m getting “Invalid COLLADA document. Duplicate ID _01 was detected.”, which is probably a correct error but something I think we want to make more lenient in the future. I’m not sure why the online tool is not supplying this error to you, It’s posisble the online version needs to be updated to properly detect and report the above error.

I'm still having this file with anything I try to upload. Models come through without textures when I upload the obj file alone, but if I upload the obj, mtl and jpeg files for a model I get this error.