Invalid array length error occur during camera moving

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Invalid array length error during playing in Android, Window

There are no problem initial load globe, 3dtilesets.

If i tour around the globe a little, i get an error.

Just moving the camera.

I don’t know the cause.

Top image is In window

Bottom image is in Android

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For stable service

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Cesium 1.62,

Win10 Chrome,

GalaxyTab S6 Android Chrome

And Thank you for your support !!


At Unminified Cesium.js it show different error like below.

Situation is same.

2019년 10월 28일 월요일 오후 8시 39분 14초 UTC+9, 오유상 님의 말:

I got a hint from Unminified Cesium Error and solve it.
The Problem Simply solved by lower 3dtileset’s maximumMemoryUsage to 128.

Before maximumMemoryUsage was 1024.

It’s was poor question

Anyone who experience error like me, try to set maximumMemoryUsage lower.

I appreciate you posting your solution here! This will definitely help others running into this issue.

Were you loading a 3D Tileset that you got from Cesium ion or somewhere else? Optimizing the tiles so the output at any given view doesn’t consume too much memory is one of the things we optimize for on Cesium ion so I’d be curious to know if you ran into this with a 3D Tileset from Cesium ion.

Hi. Omar

I load 3D tileset from my Network Attached Storage(NAS).

Not from Cesium ion.

Thank you for your support !