Is it possible to get the tile lod uv scale?

I’m trying to add a custom texture as an overlay on top of the Cesium World Terrain, which works well in general. The problem I’m having is when zooming around, the tile lod swaps result in significant magnification of my texture, while something like the Sentinel-2 texture seems very consistent. What I’m looking for is the texture scale to stay consistent as you zoom out.

I’ve tried to mimic what’s done in ML_CesiumRasterOverlay but I can’t seem to get my texture to work well at all lod levels. Is there a simple solution to this and I’m just using the wrong uvs?

Thank you!

Hi @flav,

Based on your description, you might want to check out the FAQ under our Editing Tileset Materials tutorial.

To summarize: you can use the WorldAlignedTexture node to render the texture at a consistent scale.

Let us know if that works for you!

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Works like a charm, thank you!

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