Is it possible to limit the map to a certain extent?

Hi guys.

I am working on a project where we would like to limit the extents of the map to a certain size in Unity space.
In our application, the map should work like a physical map that you can look at - that is, it shouldn’t extend endlessly into the horizon, but rather just take up a defined, fixed space in the app.
However, we haven’t yet found a way to do that in Cesium for Unity.

Does anyone know whether this is currently possible to do (in a feasible way, without loading and processing the unneeded tiles) or if it is something that Cesium is planning to add support for?

Kind regards, Jakob

I think this is close to what you’re after:

Especially the ITileExcluder part. I think we may actually be able to get to this quite soon. Keep an eye on that issue.

In the meantime, it’s possible to achieve what you want visually with a custom material that discards pixels outside the desired area. It will still load tiles outside the area, though, until something like a tile excluder is available.

Ok, thank you :slight_smile:
I will keep an eye on that issue.