Is there a way to load data to cesium if there is no internet connection?

Hello , I am trying to load data to cesium in unity for offline mode. I have tried hosting data on geoserver as well as ive hosted data as a file server(Trying to read the .xml file of a tiled data source) but neither of the ways are working . Can anyone tell me if they have successfully loaded data in unity for offline mode ?

Hi @zyubi,

Welcome to the community! It is possible to load data offline in Cesium for Unity. I’m not sure what you’re trying to load through an .xml file – what kind of data is it?

Hello @janine ,
Can you guide me to any references from where i can learn how to load data offline then ?. And the .xml file was for the “map-tiles data”.

Hi @zyubi , have you seen our Unity guide for loading offline?

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