Issue with Tiling Task Using Cesium ion REST API

Hi team,

I’m encountering an issue with a tiling task that I’m attempting to accomplish using the Cesium ion REST API, and I’m hoping for some guidance.
I’ve written a Python script for this task, with the primary objective being the creation of a new asset specifically for tiling. The asset is being created with the following parameters:

body = {
‘name’: “building_model_glb”,
‘type’: ‘3DTILES’,
‘description’: ‘’,
‘options’: {
‘sourceType’: ‘3D_CAPTURE’,
‘tilesetOptions’: {
‘targetVersion’ : 1.1,
‘textureCompression’: ‘KT2X’,
‘geometryCompression’: ‘Draco’

However, I am encountering a specific issue. The output tilers I am receiving are in the b3dm format, which corresponds to the older version (Version 1.0). My goal is to obtain the output tilers in the glb format, aligning with the latest version (Version 1.1).
I’m unsure if there is a problem with the structure or parameters of the ‘body’ I am using to create the asset, or if there is another issue I am not aware of.

Could anyone please help me understand why I am not getting the expected glb format output, and if there are any adjustments needed in my request to achieve this? Also, any additional insights into best practices or specific requirements for tiling tasks using the Cesium ion REST API would be highly beneficial.

Thank you in advance for your help and expertise.
Best regards,

There is no tilestOptions object. Those values go into the options object directly. Also In your example you are passing targetVersion as a number. The API documentation states that it should be a string. ( You will have to select 3D_Capture in the drop down to see the details for the options values.

Please try these values under options and use 'targetVersion': '1.1' and see if that resolves your issue. If that doesn’t work, please let us know an asset id so that we can investigate further.