Tiling Process Error and REST API Asset Creation Details

Hello Team,

I’m experiencing a tiling error when uploading GLB models through the Cesium ion, which are initiated using the Cesium ion REST API. The tiling starts, but then I receive an error message stating, “Something went wrong with this asset.”

This has happened with multiple assets, including Asset IDs: 2372428 and another model (not shown in the screenshot). I’m attaching a screenshot showing the error for Asset ID 2372428.

For additional context, here is how I am setting up a new asset using the REST API:

body = {
'name': "OIL_GLB", 
'type': '3DTILES',
'description': '',
'options': {
    'sourceType': '3D_CAPTURE',  # This matches the '3D Capture / Reality Model / Photogrammetry' option
    'tilesetOptions': {
        'tilesetVersion': 1.1,  
        'textureCompression': 'KT2X', 
        'geometryCompression': 'Draco'  

I have specified the tileset version as 1.1, and I have enabled texture compression with ‘KT2X’ and geometry compression with ‘Draco’. Are there any known issues with these settings that could lead to the error I’m seeing?

Does anyone have insights on what might be causing this, or suggestions for alternative settings that could resolve the issue? Any troubleshooting guidance or resources would be highly appreciated.

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For asset 2372428, the GLB file uploaded has errors. You can validate the GLB files using the online validator.. If a file is invalid it may not tile. The ideal approach would be to resolve those errors and then upload a valid GLB file to Cesium ion.

  • What software was used to create the GLB file? Are you able to export it as a different format (such as OBJ) that may be valid.
  • Did you create it or was it provided to you? If you created it are you able to narrow down the area where the problem is?

Thank you for your prompt response.

Upon reviewing the model, we identified a corruption issue. I appreciate your observation on this matter. However, I conducted a manual test of the tilling process using the same model directly within Cesium ion, and it functioned perfectly without any issues,

Additionally, I wanted to provide the asset ID for the successfully completed tilling process:
Asset ID: 237761
Furthermore, we’ll be conducting tests on a few more models using the Cesium ion REST API

Thank you

Hi ,

I’m encountering an issue with a tiling task that I’m attempting to accomplish using the Cesium ion REST API, and I’m hoping for some guidance.
I’ve written a Python script for this task, with the primary objective being the creation of a new asset specifically for tiling. The asset is being created with the following parameters:

body = {
‘name’: “building_model_glb”,
‘type’: ‘3DTILES’,
‘description’: ‘’,
‘options’: {
‘sourceType’: ‘3D_CAPTURE’,
‘tilesetOptions’: {
‘targetVersion’ : 1.1,
‘textureCompression’: ‘KT2X’,
‘geometryCompression’: ‘Draco’

However, I am encountering a specific issue. The output tilers I am receiving are in the b3dm format, which corresponds to the older version (Version 1.0). My goal is to obtain the output tilers in the glb format, aligning with the latest version (Version 1.1).
I’m unsure if there is a problem with the structure or parameters of the ‘body’ I am using to create the asset, or if there is another issue I am not aware of.
Could anyone please help me understand why I am not getting the expected glb format output, and if there are any adjustments needed in my request to achieve this? Also, any additional insights into best practices or specific requirements for tiling tasks using the Cesium ion REST API would be highly beneficial.

Thank you in advance for your help and expertise.
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@ashwin_sajith1234 Without looking at the specific Asset ID log and REST options recieved, my guess is that this is because the type should be set to 3D_CAPTURE and 'tilesetVersion': 1.1 should be 'tilesetVersion': '1.1' (1.1 is a string).

You will also need to correct KT2XKTX2 and DracoDRACO, but these are default options anyway.

For full API see Ion REST API documentation – Cesium