Keep Model bright all time and all directions

I am adding a 3d (.glb) model using the Entity object. yet my model looks dark, depends on the time and the camera position.

I want the model to be bright/ lit all times and all directions.

I tried to disable enableLighting and also use directionalLight but those does not seem to be sufficient. Also tried to play with lightColor and imageBasedLightingFactor.

any help?

attaching the model

model.glb (2.1 MB)


Thank you for bringing your question to our community forum :grinning: :rocket: A few quick questions and comments.

  • Can you please provide some more information about how you are importing and initialing your 3D model?
  • I would love to see some of the methods that you have tried so far for changing the lighting in your scene. Can you please share a sandcastle demo with your current progress?
  • As you may know, you can edit the time of day (sun orientation). I suggest that you experiment with this. There is likely a time of day that works best for your model.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


I’ve got a work around for this one:
Add an emissivity map to the model’s material before sending it into cesium: glTF 2.0 — Blender Manual

Add a copy of your diffuse texture or a texture of your models coloration if its just a base material color, the link above shows the connections for how to build the material before exporting to gltf so the gltf will keep the emissiveFactor and emissiveTexture node and the model will be light through emission ignoring the scenes light data and just having self illumination.


Thank you for the suggestion! :rocket: @arieleb please be sure to try this out and get back to us.