KML's <ResourceMap> not supported?


I have a KMZ file that contains a COLLADA (.DAE) file.
The model inside the COLLADA file is textured, the texture is included inside the KMZ file.
Now since I need multiple instances of the COLLADA model in Cesium, I want to use the same COLLADA file and just change the texture. KML offers the <ResourceMap> tag for this, with which it is possible to change the URL of resources such as textures inside the model file.

But no matter what I try, the texture is never changed when uploaded to Cesium.
Is the tag not supported? Is there a work-around so that I don’t need to have many copies of the COLLADA model file inside the KMZ file just to have different textures?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately Cesium ion does not have support for the ResourceMap tag at this time. We are continually improving our products, and I have written up an issue for our team to consider this feature. Thank you for sharing this request.