Latest Update Broke Level Streaming

To reproduce:

Add a persistent level, then add a sub level. Add the cesium content to the sublevel. Then save.

The attempt to save will cause an error because the credits system attempts to exist on the persistent, breaking the project.

This bug is retroactive and has broken old projects as well.

Hi @Baazar,

Thanks for reporting this, and sorry for the hassle! I’ve just opened a pull request that I believe fixes this:

If you have a moment, do you mind giving it a try to confirm from your side as well?


What is the proper way of integrating this? I have replaced the CesiumCreditSystem.h file and that still doesn’t work…

“EditorErrors: Warning: Can’t save X:/Perforce_Repository/Projects/Unreal_Projects/Test/Content/00_Maps/Cesium.umap: Graph is linked to object World /Game/00_Maps/Persistent.Persistent (ResolvedCreditSystem) in external map”

Download a build of the branch with the update from our CI system. You can find it at the bottom of this page:

Choose the one that doesn’t list an operating system (because it includes all operating systems), and choose either 50 or 51 based on your UE version. Uninstall Cesium for Unreal using the Epic Marketplace, and then extract the ZIP above to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.1\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace or equivalent on your system and UE version.