Load data dynamically when globe is moved

New to Cesium from GE plugin and try to prototype loading data when to globe is moved. Our app was able to trigger on the GEPlugin globe moving and send that request to a server for new data (Network links). Is this possible in Cesium? I can't seen to locate globe move events to get started. Thanks in advanced for any suggestions or ideas on how to simulate Network Links that reload when the globe is moved.

Each time network links is accessed you could save the camera properties (position, heading, pitch, roll.) Then when you want to see if there’s a change compare current values with the previous values. This might be better than just checking whenever the camera moves as the camera might have just done a quick loop back to where it was. Perhaps what location the camera is looking at is more important, in which case record that instead assuming the camera is looking at the globe.

Cesium has no good out-of-the-box support for streaming vector data right now, but we are working on it and we’ll also have native NetworkLink support of the type you describe in the future (hopefully later this year). Several people have had success using the private QuadTreePrimitive, but that’s not necessarily a path I recommend unless you’re desperate, since the QuadTreePrimitive is private for a reason and has no official support (and could change in the future).

Sorry I don’t have a better answer. There’s been lots of discussion about this topic on the forum, so searching around might provide you with some insight into what others have done (or are doing).