Loading czml from blob asyc

Hello, I'm having a performance problem with cesium, I'm generating a big chunk of czml and then using the load function to load it.

The generation itself is quick but the loading can take from 3 to 15 seconds depends on the size of the data..

I noticed there is a async load function that uses a url.
I cant provide a url since my app is a client side only app.

My question is can i transform my czml to a blob and use that?
I can only guess the current async load functions works with webworks so i see no reason why it would not work.


The async functions do not use web workers, they simply use the browser to load the url in the background (but perform all processing in the main thread once available). We may provide ways to process CZML with web-worker in the future, but it’s a fairly hard problem due to the way web workers work. If you can post a sample of the CZML you’re generating, I can take a look to see if we can improve its performance.

since 2014. Is there new ways to load czml async with web-workers?

No there has been no updates with loading async with web workers.

However you may be able to take advantage of CzmlDataSource.process when you update, which starts loading and processing CZML without removing the existing data. After load, you could then remove the existing entities yourself and add the newly loaded data source entities.

CzmlDataSource.process(‘url’).then(function(dataSource) {

var entities = dataSource.entities;
for (var i = 0; i < data; ++i) {