Loading Raster and Vector flat files

Hello Support.

I have seen the cesium api. It was good.

I have one question on cesium api.

Is there any way to load vector(SHP, DGN, CAD). and raster(.tif,.img,ECW) flat file formats on the fly.

Just I need to browse these flat files and need to overlay on the globe while working.


We don’t have direct support for the file types you listed.

You should be able to convert your shape files into GeoJSON. Once you have it in that format, you can load it into the globe like this: http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Apps/Sandcastle/index.html?src=GeoJSON%20and%20TopoJSON.html&label=DataSources

For GeoTIFFs, you can try using a tool like gdal2tiles to convert them into a tiled format to add as a TMS (tile map service) imagery layer. This demo shows how to add a TMS imagery provider: http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Apps/Sandcastle/index.html?src=Imagery%20Layers.html&label=Tutorials

If you have an image that’s a PNG or JPG, you can add it to the globe using a SingleTileImageryProvider