Local data loading

Hello, when I load the local world map image, it seems to have a problem, but I’m not sure what it is? Can you help me take a look? There is a screenshot of me below, thank you.

I tested the 3D visualization feature in the CesiumLab tool and the map data “imagery” and “terrain” tiles used in my project and it didn’t look like there were any problems。

You’ll have to provide a lot more information for us to help you. You haven’t even shown the configuration of your raster overlay. But as a somewhat educated guess, the problem is probably that your tileset numbers tiles from the North (like WMTS typically does) and you’re using a TileMapServiceRasterOverlay, which expects them to be numbered from the South.

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Thank you very much, you said yes, I modified the type of service that affects slicing, fixed this issue