LoD not refining in Unity

I’m displaying tiles in Unity to align content to the real world and then deploy to AR apps using Google’s Geospatial API. It’s been working as intended for months now but recently, the tiles around the area I’m working with most (downtown NYC) will stay at a low LoD even when I’m nearby/within them. There’s a clear distinction to the adjacent tiles farther up the island. Are there cache files I need to clear to reset this behavior so the full LoD can load?

Hmm I’m not sure what’s going on there. What version of Cesium for Unity are you using? What platform? Are there any messages in the log?

I’m using Unity 2021.3.17f1 and Cesium for Unity v1.2.0, all setup using this guide. My Unity log doesn’t mention Cesium at all, is that the log you were asking about?

I think Kevin was referring to the Console log window…

That’s odd that the LOD seems stuck at low detail.

Does this happen in Play Mode? or just in the Editor? or both?

I wouldn’t think this is related to your on disk cache, but you can find it here,
\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Temp\Cesium\<your project>\cesium-request-cache.sqlite

Another thing to try would be to find your Cesium 3D Tileset in the Inspector and click “Refresh Tileset”. Does this fix it?

It happens in the editor and play mode. Nothing comes up in my Unity Console log either, and I’ve made sure that all messages, warnings, and errors are to be displayed. I looked for the the disk cache and there are sqlite databases for other scenes in my project (which I’ve made for other locations around the world) but not for this one in lower Manhattan - I’ve also not seen this LoD malfunction happen anywhere besides here as well.

Interesting. By chance, does the cesium-unity-samples Google level load ok for you?
(In my last picture, 07_CesiumGoogleMaps)