Cesium enviroment is not load completely

i have been using cesium all other thing are working fine envio is not rendering properly even i want to so much time but still i dont load it .
how can i set that

Hi @aqib_iqbal ,

Can you give more information?

In the screenshot, it looks like there’s something loaded.

  • Are you expecting more detail in the ground / trees / or building?
  • What is you map data, is this Google P3D Tiles?
  • Does everything load completely if you wait? Or view from a different location?

yes, I want more detail on the ground, trees cars even buildings are not loading completely even if I wait for some time,
for now, I am using the Google Maps key.

You could try changing the tileset’s maximumScreenSpaceError. Defaults to 16, lower values will result in more detail, higher results in less detail.

But if I was guessing, that’s probably the most detail that Google P3DT tiles has at that location.

What’s the lat / long?