Looking for help on big project


We are currently working on a big project for someone travelling the world on a sailboat solo. The project has already gained plenty of media attention. We will be tracking him real-time with a Raspberry Pie sending back gps and accelerometer data (to show 3D boat rotation) through an irridium satellite installed on his boat.

For the first couple of weeks we will be tracking him using a Delorme InReach device which sends back coordinates every 10 minutes, through a KML file, but we cannot find a way to show the right direction of the 3D model of his boat.

We have several questions on the best way to program the real-time tracking with timeline, and we were hoping to be able to communicate with someone through email to make this easier.

If you'd like to help you can pm me, or if you can help in this thread that would be great also.

Thanks so much!


Hi Eric,

Sounds like a really impressive undertaking! We can mention on Twitter, too, that you’re looking for some help with this. Do you have a Twitter handle so people can connect with you that way as well?

Would you like to do some joint outreach with Cesium about the expedition? Once things are underway we’d love to do a showcase or blog post about it on our site, or tweet about the progress.

-Sarah Chow, Cesium editor

Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for your reply! I don't really use twitter much personally, but I'll start checking it if anyone can help. My twitter handle is @ericbergevin. This is mostly a voluntary project at the moment, but we are going to get a little bit of funding from a sponsor, and we're planning on making a nice documentary at the end. Our website to track Chris will be wwww.sailor.life. We'd love to do a joint outreach with you guys! I think it's going to be an amazing project overall.