Lost Connection

Hi. I am using the Cesium plugin for Unreal Engine. If I start my game, the Cesium terrain loads fully, and then I lose internet connection, what happens? Will the tiles still be loaded until I exit the game? Or should I expect them to start cutting out at some point.

Basically I am asking, is a continuous network connection needed in order to use the Cesium plugin once the tiles initially load?

Yes, you need an internet connection. Unless your tileset is very small, downloading the entire thing is impossible because it’s far too large. Instead, only the parts that are needed for the current view are downloaded. If you suddenly go offline, you’ll start running into problems as soon as you need tiles that weren’t previously cached. Cesium for Unreal will try to behave sensibly, such as by showing lower-resolution tiles when it can, but it’s basically just best effort at that point and you can’t expect good results.

I see, thank you for the info. What would you define as very small? City/State level? West Coast of the USA?

It depends on the resolution of the tileset. For detailed photogrammetry, even a small city can be hundreds of gigabytes.