.lyr files in Cesium ArcGis

I've couple of ESRI Shapefile with ArcGIS LYRs which I want to visualize in Cesium. I'm trying ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider to do this. But not sure how to load these files.
In sample sandbox I see we have one link of mapserver. https://server.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/World_Street_Map/MapServer

but not sure how it loads shape files and LYR files..


Cesium doesn’t have built-in support for shapefiles. However, there are a number of tools available to convert shapefiles to GeoJSON, which can then be used in Cesium.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with LYRs, so hopefully someone else can give you some tips for that.



Yes, I read about arcTools to convert files into GeoJson and then using in Cesium.


Interesting stuff. Typically .lyr files are used to provide
symbology to shapefiles. But unlike the shapefile standard, the
format of .lyr files is not published by ESRI.

There are some open source Javascipt shapefile loading projects
out there. Perhaps shapefile reading could be added to Cesium via
the viewerDragDropMixin?

Thanks for the information Brent! I don’t think it’s likely that we’re going to be able to add native shapefile support to Cesium in the near future, but if anyone would like to contribute that feature we would be happy to accept a pull request!
Something we have talked about is adding shapefile processing support to our upcoming cesium.com service. The service would convert the shapefiles to a 3D tiles vector format, and that would make it easier for folks to add their shapefile data to a Cesium application.

That functionality won’t be in our initial cesium.com release, but it seems to be of increasing priority because a lot of people have shapefiles they would like to see in Cesium.

You can learn more about our plans for cesium.com here: https://www.cesium.com/



It would be good to support GeoJSON-VT (by MapBox) for loading large GeoJSON and splitting it into tiles in the browser