make chrome detect discrete NVIDIA card - OPTIMUS is broken - GT540m 347.09 + Intel HD 2000/3000

chrome:gpu always identifies inferior internal intel chip

it always reports optimus:false.

do all nvidia gt540m users experience this?

lots of "optimus problems" reported...

This is not something Cesium has any control over. There’s been a long history of Nvidia forcing Chrome and Firefox to use Intel for graphics and disabling switching at the driver level. You can read the main WebGL mailing list threads on the subject here:–TyrkE/jzjZyVw-n4AJ

Fortunately, AlteredQualia keeps a detailed guide up to date that should help you fix the problem on your machine:

I’m on an optimus right now (HD 4000 with NVS5200) and with the latest drivers I can force Chrome use the nvidia GPU via the nvidia control panel.