Map mode rotate Blink issue

I am trying to focus on an entity(billboard) with trackedEntity and trying to rotate the map mostly according to the entity’s heading orientation on 2d only map. I don’t use an imagery provider but instead a Geojson map added to viewer’s dataSources. I was using the camera’s rotate function, then I saw and tried viewer’s mapMode2D: Cesium.SceneMode.ROTATE option. I could use camera’s setView function with heading orientation now. It helped to rotating part much, but when I use this mode and lock on an entity with trackedEntity, everything starts blinking; map and entities vanish and appear back constantly. After a few function calls it works normally and then after some more, it gets bugged again. It looks like it renders everything again. How can I solve this issue?

Can you reproduce this issue in a Sandcastle example? See How to share custom Sandcastle examples

I cannot currently do that since I m working on an offline machine and I use many things like a vector map or billboard entities, and I also don’t have time for that. Is there any other way to rotate the 2d map, like using camera.rotate(…), to rotate map smoothly for a better animation? Also when i rotate the map on unit-z axis at the same amount of heading values of a billboard entity, the map doesn’t line up with the entity. I don’t understand why.