Map Original Assembly to Output Tileset

Hey all,

I have revit files I’m converting from autodesk forge to glb → then I upload those files to cesium ion for conversion to tilesets. The tileset pipeline appears to merge the glb primitives together in a lot of instances. Is there any way to get a mapping between the original file and the converted tileset?


Can you share the asset ID so that we can take a look?


Tested this a few different times with the same results. This is one of them: 1385193.

The main reason we need this is so that we can have a corresponding assembly tree for the original parts / those parts are selectable.


It looks like there was a single GLB uploaded. I assume you are trying to make each individual part of the glb selectable?

The optimization Cesium ion makes is to batch up similar materials for rendering. As part of that it combines multiple meshes into a single mesh which will cause it to lose the information you are trying to keep.

Right now the only workaround is to load the glb directly into Cesium, which will allow you to pick the meshes independently, but may be limited on the size of the models you load.


Hey Shehzan,

Not sure if that is a workaround that would work for us as we aren’t using cesium - only ion for conversion. Also, that won’t work at any type of scale. Tbh, this is an pretty important feature to have for assets that are supposed to be digital twins. Is this something that you all have on your roadmap?



Hi Brian

Thanks understandable and expected workflow. The suggesting I made would have only worked for a limited amount of data.

We do have some pipeline updates coming. We expect to start beta testing these probably beginning in January, which should add better support for metadata using 3D Tiles Next (1.1) and will be able to make this workflow easier.


Hey Shehzan,

Thanks for the update. For the beta testing, will that include cesium ion api support?

We’ll be first testing it locally and as we resolve any issues, we will make it available on Cesium ion.