Masking 3D tiles using GameObjects

I’m using URP in Unity with Cesium to create a 3D globe using Google 3D tiles.
Now I want to hide certain buildings in the tiles and replace them with my models. I can place my models no issue but I’m having trouble finding out how to hide the 3D tiles in a given area.

I’ve got this building and this cube. I want to make the cube transparent (no issue), but I want the world that’s contained in the cube to be transparent too. Basically, have it be a gaping gap into the void. Is that even possible?

Here’s a working example on simple GameObjects, but which doesn’t work on the Cesium object

Hey @Piratepie,

Welcome to the community! This sounds like a case for CesiumTileExcluder, an interface that you can implement for excluding 3D Tiles. The instructions in this Github PR describe how to implement a “box excluder” to exclude tiles in a specified box, as well as how to alter the material for transparency.

Let us know if you have any followup questions!