[Master] Return of texture map labelling bug?

I’m getting some odd behavior on Chrome 45 and Chrome 46 Beta 64 bit. It outwardly looks somewhat similar to the texture map first character labelling bug.

Note that this is from 1.14 Master, commit [82e8105](https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/commit/82e810587a525f35737ef01b9b9191c237f6bbc9) and includes billboard instancing from PR 3056.

I’ve attached a screenshot of two labels (sorry for the potato quality). The one on the left should have an “L” in front of it, but instead just has a semi-transparent gray box. I’ve attached chrome://gpu reports for two machines showing the issue.

Intel_HD5500.txt (8.15 KB)

quadro.txt (4.09 KB)


Thanks for the bug report, I’ll bug Dan or Sean to look at this and see if we can reproduce it. Since it’s master only, hopefully we can fix it before 1.15, we specifically held off on merging the instancing stuff to reduce risk for 1.14.