Measurment tools stopped working!

I noticed change in behaviour in the measurment tools.
They used to work nicely. allowing measurments on your loaded model.
Today I load one of my stores and noticed that now all measurments default to the ground terrain. The model is ignored and cant be measured in any way.

this pannel is obviously 2.4m not 8+


Would you be able to provide me with a sandcastle link for the above, we can take a look at what may be going on.


here it is. It is like site wise for all my stories

Could not reproduce that from a quick test:

Ceisum Measure Forum

To be investigated further.

OMG it It was working exactly like that for months and now have a look at my screen recording .

What browser did you use? I tried Vivaldi(chromium) and Chrome and Edge on win11 machine. And both get it wrong both on my workstation and laptop.

@Maciej_Eckstein I was unable to reproduce the issue you are seeing too. I am moving this to the cesium js channel who may be able to help you better with this.

I tried it in Chrome, and now also in FireFox, and it worked in both cases. The behavior in your screen recording shows that it does not just ~“measure a wrong distance”, but that the whole picking is glitching out. I could only hazard wild guesses what might be causing this (and these would be as helpless as “try to clear your browser cache” or so…). Maybe someone from the CesiumJS squad can have a look at 1. which functions are used there, 2. whether there have been recent changes that might explain why it’s not working, and 3. of course: what could be done to resolve this…

I have, re checked and my desktop is working fine. It is only laptop that in any browser will kind of loose focus of the cursor and jump to the terrain below. So maybe that is an issue with the graphic driver. That is Intel / Nvidia GTX1060 laptop that I recently reinstaled into win11 and I noticed that all web browsers accualy do use only crap intel build in GPU and not the GTX.
Could that be graphic driver issue?

A wild guess: Could this be related to viewer.scene.pickPositionSupported? That should be very unlikely, unless this is a really, really old and outdated GPU and driver - but just to quickly rule this out, you could try the following sandcastle:

If it displays “This browser does not support pickPosition.”, then we have the culprit.
If it displays “Should be fine…”, then … we’ll have to dig further.

Both were showing “should be fine” but … I updated the graphic driver on the laptop and it got fixed. And that was not that easy as Nvidia laptop drivers are not compatible with surface book 2. You need to get a pack from microsoft that does the graphic drivers as well.
The bottom line is that stock win11 driver is rubish and causes such a problems.

While I have you attention can you please look into my story, and maybe tell me why my 4pannel model lost the texture? I have not touched it , it still the same asset 2560531 but no it does not have solar panel texture anymore and the legs are all black. they were silver. reuploading the same file does not fix that . And the nearby carport is fine, it has even the same texture

So the issue about the measurement is resolved by using an updated graphics card driver.

One could consider to move the issue about the textures to a new thread (just to keep things focussed, and to give others an option to chime in when they run into the same issue).

However, just to confirm this so far: I also see these black textures now. But it did work properly when I checked it the last time.

This is not… completely bugged out: It is not “just rendering the whole thing with a color of (0,0,0)”. When looking at a flat angle, you can see some specular reflection:

It may still be related to… some textures not being loaded or so.

Maybe @Ankit_Trehan is aware of any recent changes that might have caused this.

(If not, it could be helpful to look more closely at one of the B3DM/GLB files here. If someone has an easy way to “pluck out” one of these, I might have a look. Otherwise, I can try to manually identify one and try to examine it further, and look at recent changes in CesiumJS that might be related)

4x panel stojak.glb (207.3 KB)

Here is the original file that rendered well before and now it does not anymore.
If that helps debugin