Merge tileset.jsons


I have 284 tilesets with tileset.json, and i want to merge it into one tileset. I tried to use 3dtiles-tools, but i had cymbol limits in cmd.
So, my question is - how i can merge big number of tilesets?


Indeed, the current command line functionality is rather targeting “few” tilesets (with two tilesets being the most common case), and defining a large number of input tilesets at the command line can be difficult.

We could consider certain options for handling a larger number of tilesets - for example, allowing to give a directory as the input, and let the command merge all tileset JSON file that it finds in this directory, but we’d have to think about how that can be offered sensibly (e.g. whether it should search for tileset JSON files recursively, or whether we’d allow specifying the input files with a GLOB pattern…)

In the meantime, you might want to just call the merge command of the code directly. (Note that the tools do not have a public, stable, official API yet, but … the merge command will probably be part of the first API, and probably exactly in its current form). The TilesetProcessingDemos contains an example: It boils down to calling
Tilesets.merge(inputFileNames, outputDirectoryName, overwrite);
where you can give a list of input file names, which could contain all the 284 names in your case.

Thanks for answer!