Modify the Earth's oceans



I want to replace the earth sea surface provided by CESIUM for Unity, but most of the plugins for making oceans are made planes and it is not possible to fit them perfectly into the earth model

You could probably use those ocean plugins at ground level, where the curvature of the Earth is less obvious. Are you trying to replace the oceans from a view that is farther away?

Yes, I want the camera to be visible to the sea when it is low, and at the same time to fit perfectly on Earth when it is at a high place

I found that cesium for ue can simulate the ocean, is this implementation planned?

It’s not on our current roadmap, no. If the water effects are something that you’d like in Unity, I can write a Github issue for it as a feature request.

Thank you, there is a seaside scene needs, now can only use the plane as a temporary effect

Hello, please ask what plugin you are using now to make the ocean effect, the ocean I am making now is not very ideal