Most FlyTo Locations Don't Work (UE 5.2)

Harsh title but I need help here.

I am using the CesiumForUnrealSamples project from the Epic marketplace.
Level 12 allows you to FlyTo specific locations such as Googleplex, Philadelphia, Tokyo, etc.

However when I try my own location (for example Seattle (47.606858471435025, -122.33290246748311)), it always goes to a completely random location in the middle of the ocean.

Is there some trick with FlyTo?
Why does it work for only these select few locations?
I tried a few things but I want to see if I get a response here before adding too much text here.

Longitude is first, latitude is second.

I cannot even flipping believe this lol.
I spent so many hours and DAYS trying to figure this out lol.
And it was SO OBVIOUS.

Yeah it’s a common problem. Unfortunately, no matter which order we use, someone will expect the opposite. Good summary of the dilemma here:

Well I appreciate the quick response.
The worst part is that some of them were kinda close to the destination so it totally threw me off.

Thanks a ton!