Move & rotate voxel cesium 3d tiles

HELLO Cesium Community, I would like to ask if we have docs or articles about how to rotate or move Voxel (3D Tiles)? and if you know how to do it, can you tell me briefly? All of your response are highly appreciated. Thank you so much and Have a great day

Hi @helloworld,

Is this an Unreal, CesiumJS, or general question? I want to make sure your question is on the appropriate forum so that it can get the best answers.

Also, I’d like to know a little more about your workflow/use case. Are you working with 3D Tilesets that contain voxels? And are you trying to move/rotate the whole tileset, or only sections of the tileset?

Currently, I am using Cesium. And We build a voxel type of tileset that can be showed and hide using our tool. The next thing is that we researched on how to move or rotate the voxel, even just one voxel only. I coundt find any articles supporting this matter. And I would like to know that in my case, is it possible or not. And if it is, can you please explain to me the flow on how to do it Sir. Your response is highly appreciated. Thank you

Hi @helloworld,

I’m not aware of that being possible outside of the standard 3D tiles model transformations available in CesiumJS, but perhaps a community member can chime in.

I saw this sandcastle demo, but it is only for the height movement, not the orientation/rotation of the 3d tileset. Without the use of Cesium Ion.
and I have a question, does Model Matrix inside a cesium ION? or i can use model matrix without cesium ion?