Moving the dynamicpawn "up" in it's own frame of reference

I need to be able to move the pawn “up” but from the pawn’s orientation rather than in reference to the earth.

Right now, you can move left or right. I would like to be able to move up or down in the same plane.


I’m very new to unreal engine so this is possibly very easy and I’m just missing something

What you could do to achieve this is to modify the Cesium DynamicPawn:

Check the Use Controller Rotation settings on the right in the screenshot so that the pawn uses the rotation of your camera.
This makes it so that if you move your mouse or the gamepad stick to look down, the pawn itself also rotates downward. If this is not checked, you’re only moving the camera. Imagine holding a camera in real life to film. You can just rotate the camera or you can move your body as well.

Then you can use the Get Actor Up Vector node and use this as input for the Add Movement Input node. This now moves the pawn in the direction that you described.

This worked perfectly, thank you!