NaturalEarthII from cesium-asset issues with Cesium 1.18 and more recent

If you use this enhanced cesium-asset package for higher detail NaturalEarthII offline imagery, then you will have issues if you update your Cesium version to 1.18 or more recent, unless you modify the tilemapresource.xml file in that optional path.

You will see what I mean if you diff the

So if you are using cesium 1.18 or more recent, you want to probably change lines 6 and 7 of the optional cesium-assets tilemapresource.xml to read:


Which will bring your optional cesium-assets timemapresource.xml into line with the cesium version of tilemapresource.xml but preserves the level 5 detail of the optional NaturalEarthII imagery.

This might also have similar implications with other imagery that stops working for others versions Cesium 1.18+ and more recent.
Symptoms can include maps that look like they smear or are incorrectly wrapped horizontally east to west or possibly even Segment violations in the browser. Keep this in mind if you start using a recent Cesium version and have imagery or texture issues.

Thanks for sharing this information! I think this will help some people.



This is likely due to the changes made regarding compatibility with output, in .

Thanks for this information! I’ve made the changes you’ve suggested here.

  • Tom Ped

I do think Tom Ped’s fix will work, and so cesium versions 1.18+ should work.
And so if anyone is using Cesium 1.17 or prior, and does the unlikely thing of updating just to latest cesium-assets, they might need to use the older version of tilemapresource.xml, if they see anomalies.
I believe the current fix is a good way forward, thank you.