Some features no longer work after update1.8.1

This update seems changed a lot,some old features are different ,and they troubled me.

For example,I have assign three levels to a new layer,but it looks like cesium sublevels can only load the last level,I dont know how to load others although they were all enabled.TileMapServiceRasterOverlay component cant auto change level,unless I define a value in Minimum Level.

Hi @jhj116,

Your issue looks similar to the one encountered in this thread - Can not load local Imagery with version 1.8.1

Can you try updating the plugin to the newest version available on the marketplace, or try using one of the pre-release builds linked by Kevin in the above thread?

When you say you have assigned three levels to a new layer, are you referring to the raster overlays that you added to the tileset? Your current sublevel should not impact which raster overlay is being used, but if you want to combine different raster overlays you can do so by editing the material.


Thank you very much for your help, the previous problem is solved, but I found a new problem, that is, after I zoomed out the earth a thousand times, there are some problems with the image on the earth. Problem one, after zooming out a thousand times and away from the Earth there is a distinct line. Question 2, after zooming out, rotate the earth in UE and adjust the distance of the lens to the picture of question 2-1. If you move the camera close to the earth, there will be an image error (picture of question 2-2), and it will disappear when you are very close to the earth. Below are pictures of the specifics of these issues。