IonImageryProvider cannot be loaded normally. Urgent

After opening the project today, it was found that it could not be loaded normally. Please help find the reason. Urgent.

It seems to be caused after the upgrade, and it can be accessed normally before.

It has been determined that it appeared after upgrading 1.8.x. It’s normal to fall back to 1.7.0.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you’re seeing? What 3D Tiles tileset and raster overlays are you using there? Are they from Cesium ion or somewhere else? Are you using a custom material, or the default? Can you share more screenshots. I haven’t seen anything like that in v1.8.1 (or otherwise), so I’m not quite sure what might be happening there.


I added an Image Asset to this Ion, and then it could not be displayed normally in version 1.8.1, but it was normal in version 1.7.0.

Understood, but I’ll need a bit more detail from you in order to diagnose what is happening there.

What details are needed?We can communicate these details via email.

Just the questions I asked above, to start:

I only used Image Asset.
This is the case in version 1.7.0.