Google photorealistic 3D tiles not displaying


I have an Unreal Engine file that previously loaded Cesium’s photorealistic 3D tiles without issues. However, it has stopped displaying these tiles despite a successfully authorized ion connection. Interestingly, this same file can access Cesium when opened on a different computer within the same network.
On the computer experiencing the issue, there are multiple user profiles, Cesium once only displays correctly for one specific user account. But now none. Is there a way to reset connection?

Please help thanks.


Welcome to the Cesium forum.

It sounds like there is a problem on one computer with the accounts not connecting, is that right? And you are looking for a way to reset the Cesium plugin for Unreal Engine to allow you to log in again?

I’m going to move your post to the Cesium for Unreal category to give it more visibility since it is related to Unreal Engine.

Are there any messages in the Output Log? It could be worth a try to delete Cesium’s request cache. It’s found here:
C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\[UE version]

Delete cesium-request-cache.* in that directory.