Load TileMapService

I used cesium for unreal to load global offline images.Loading succeeded, but it seems that the image is misplaced.
In UE4:

In Cesium:

Is there anything I need to pay attention to?
Thank you very much for your help.

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How do you load global offline images.

1.Add one ‘Blank 3D Tiles Tileset’.
2.Click the Actor,add terrain service.

3.Add component,select Cesium Tile Map Service Raster Overlay and add url

I sent the data to the mailbox:support@cesium.com,the theme is ‘load tilemapservice’.

Hello @wangcheng,

Thank you for reaching out. To test this issue, could you try to load this data into a Sandcastle? Here’s a Sandcastle set up to load offline data - Cesium Sandcastle
The Sandcastle also includes a link to a guide in the comments. Please let me know if it loads correctly in Sandcastle.

I’ve also created an issue for this possible bug - Stretched imagery when loading from local server · Issue #561 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub

Hello @agallegos
Thank you for your reply.
In Cesium Sandcastle:

In UE:

Hi, could you share with me how did you get your terrain and images layer json?

For the terrain, I downloaded a 1800m globe .tif file and convented it to cesium terrain layers with cesiumlab2 and it won’t be loaded by CesiumForUnreal;

For the images, I downloaded a image .pak file with the built-in tool of cesiumlab2 , then I tested this image pak in Cesium Sandcastle and failed again as a result.

Please share me your workflow, thank you so much indeed.

please provide the test tms data to me,I can also do the research。3138464689@qq.com

Hi @wangcheng,

Thanks again for reaching out. It looks like this error is caused by the tileset itself. For the full technical details, please visit this comment. Essentially, you may wish to try tiling the data through a different terrain tiler. Using Cesium ion would also help, but that situation may not work for you since you’re trying to use a local server.

Let me know if I can help further.

Cesium for Unreal加载本地影像和地形 - 知乎 (zhihu.com)

十分感谢解答,我使用cesiumlab下载,但是没用cesiumlab发布的服务,直接拷贝到tomcat webapp文件夹访问的,调不出来影像和地形,不知道出了什么问题?



cesium可以加载,unreal加载不了,但是也不报错,有一个关于dns 的warning,大牛是直接用的cesiumlab的服务,还是自己搭建的服务

地形直接用就行了吧 file:///+磁盘路径

Cesium for Unreal加载本地影像和地形 - 知乎 which provider service by cesiumlab,but when use the local Server hint the error "no loader register ed for tile with content type "{}and magic value

Hey, could you give me any information about how to find a global images?

I’ll be greatful for your reply.