I need to load the local GIS

How can I add GIS data to cesium for unreal instead of satellite images. I really need this.

Hi @Nathans,

After you Connect to Cesium ion, you can get a map similar to that by adding “Cesium World Terrain + Bing Maps Road imagery” from the Quick Add section of the Cesium panel:

It will look like this:


Hi, Kevin_ Ring

Thank you very much for your reply.

But what I want to know is, how can I load a local GIS map?

Well, it depends on the format. At the moment, though, only raster maps in the Tile Map Service (TMS) format are supported. To use one of those, add a Tile Map Service component to your terrain tileset Actor and set the URL property appropriately. Other formats will be supported in the future (but we can’t confirm a time frame at this point).

It’s also a relatively straightforward process to implement a new format yourself. It’s a matter of implementing a new RasterOverlay-derived class plus a corresponding CesiumRasterOverlay. If you end up doing this for a standard format, we’d love to have a pull request.