netcdf/.nc files as data basis for point clouds?


First, I
want to thank the Cesium Team for hosting this forum!

Now to my

I want to
implement a climate model in the cesium universe and visualize the data

I figured
out, that using the Cesium Point Cloud Tiling Pipline would make sense.

I use this
example -

  • as reference.

My data
basis is based on netcdf/.nc files.

This leads
me to following questions:

  1. can I use netcdf/.nc files directly as data basis

for point clouds or do I have to transform them into e.g. “.pnts

  1. do I have to transform the data into .pnts files by using

FME or are there workarounds available?

  1. are there workflows/tutorials availabe concerning the integration/handling of netcdf files?
  2. is it possible to contact a supervisor with my project idea?


If you can convert/output your point cloud as a LAS/LAZ, you can use the point cloud tiler to convert it to a 3D Tiles dataset:

Feel free to reach out to Tim ( if you want to ask more questions specific to your use case! We have been doing some recent work with time dynamic point clouds that might be useful to you.

Thanks Omar!