new Cesium.Resource runs on localhost but not on test server

I trying to execute very similar code to the one that is written in this Sandcastle Geocode example:

Locally everything works. I type locations and I get results back. However, when I upload my code to the test server, everything after resource (lines 17-40) does not execute. After attempting to debug the code, I have found that when I hover over new Cesium.Resource I read the message "Cesium.Resource is not a constructor", and if I hover over Cesium.Resource it returns undefined.

The code works locally regardless of whether I run it on my computer, or colleagues run their own branches (locally) which include my code. Also if I use my computer as a host so other people have access to the running code.

I do not know what to do further. I have thought about loading the Resource.js file explicitly, but I still do not understand why everything would run smoothly when local and not when it is hosted on the test server. I have been looking for differences between the files but I have not found anything

I do not know how to continue further. Any hints will be greatly appreciated. I'm using Cesium 1.44 on a Windows 10 x64.

Solved. My server was running on Cesium 1.41