On-premise 3D Tiling pipeline - scale flag causes hidden model

We have an .obj file which needs to be scaled down by 0.01. We’ve used the scale flag in the model-tiler pipeline to set the scale: --scale=0.01.
This does scale the model to the size we want, but the model doesn’t appear until the camera is very close.
Tiling the model without the scale flag shows the model just fine, just at the wrong scale.

The model where the scale has been set in the tiler seems to have the correct bounding boxes:

To fix this, we edited the scale of the mesh in Blender, exported the new mesh and put this through the pipeline without the scale flag. Is there a way to avoid the above from happening without having to open the source file?

Corrected model:



Thank you for your question. We tested this with some sample data, and we see the problem that you observed. We’ve opened a ticket to investigate and provide a solution. I will post updates in this thread.


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