Online Url is not displaying data

I have installed package of cesium for unity . In Cesium3D Tileset when I gave my own url of json file no data is displayed on my unity. Link of json file is
Plus I am taking url from one of the tutorials


Are there any messages in the Console window?

There are no errors as such in the console only warnings like

[2023-04-05 12:29:43.524] [info] [GltfConverters.cpp:22] Registering file extension .glb
[2023-04-05 12:29:43.524] [info] [GltfConverters.cpp:22] Registering file extension .gltf
[2023-04-05 12:29:43.518] [info] [GltfConverters.cpp:15] Registering magic header glTF

Sorry I am not able to upload the screenshot. I don’t know what’s the error

Can you provide any more information? When you double-click the tileset’s game object in the Hierarchy window, does it zoom to the intended location of the tileset?

My data is displayed for the time being. Now how can I display this data with cesium world terrain + bing map aerial imagery. Please guide me how these two datasets with different zoom levels can be overlay with each other

I’m not sure I understand. You can add the Cesium World Terrain + Bing Map Aerial Imagery from the Cesium panel. These steps are outlined in the Cesium for Unity quickstart tutorial.

okay thanks alot