Optimizing texture calls

Hi, I’m building override materials that are inheriting from the CesiumGltfWithOverlays Material Function, and bumped into the ‘too many texture samples’ error. I can work around it from my end, but am curious how many texture calls the base function takes up, so I can kinda plan for it. Thanks!


Hi Alan,

Currently, the CesiumGltfWithOverlays material function users 10 texture samplers. There is an issue about potentially optimizing this here.

If possible for your project, consider setting the Sampler Source on the texture samples you use to Shared:Wrap - it may allow you to use many more textures.

Thanks @agallegos !

I currently have shared wrap set up for my samplers and it is working. Would definitely be great to optimize this though, I am able to get what I need to do working but it feels a little dicey to be that close to the sample limit :slight_smile:


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