OSM Buildings layer

Hi, I want to implement 3d buildings layer as it done here https://osmbuildings.org/ but in Cesium.

Data served via tiled json. I need something like UrlTemplateImageryProvider but for json data not images, with callback to generate geometries for each tile.

I don't want to use 3d tiles, because it's bonded with glTF.

1. Do we have something like UrlTemplateImageryProvider but for vector data?
2. If not, what would be easier to adopt, UrlTemplateImageryProvider or 3d tiles provider?

3D Tiles would be the right approach since Cesium doesn’t have the concept of an imagery provider for vector data. The vector tiles spec and implementation are still a work-in-progress but do not require glTF. In the meantime a tileset with b3dm tiles is your best bet.

As I understand b3dm just adds some metadata and indexes for following binary glTF,
and generation of gltf on server side will be painful for me.

I red the spec for b3dm, and I understand that it encodes metadata but for the actual geometry it refers (contains offset and length) onto the following glTF section.

Or, if I get that wrong, how can I encode some polygons with some attributes into b3dm using Java or Python or Js lib?

Your summary is correct. If writing gltf is not doable, either building off vector tiles or writing a custom imagery provider are your main options.

I found implementation of wfs for cesium, so I think I’ll go with WFS and some custom processing for tiles.

Hi Dmitry!

I was wondering if you got any success with showing OSM buildings in Cesium?

I’ve got partial success,

I didn’t made an interactive layer, instead of that I do exports from OSM2World in cesium 3d tiles.