Particle System on flat projection


I could use some help, I’ve been working with the particle system to create particles moving around the globe - and it is working great. However, if I switch to the flat map projection, I get the particle ‘image’ right in the middle of the screen as seen here.

It is the particle image (./particle.png), being drawn over the map, not a stray particle as it has no color and is the pixel size of the image (if I use a larger image for the particle, it is largeer on the screen). It happens in both flat and 2.5D projections, but now on the 3D globe, also it doesn’t matter which browser Chrome / Safari / FireFox all show it.

As soon as the particle system ends, this is disappears; if multiple particle systems are active, it appears there is an image for each particle system.

Panning the map moves the image (it stays locked to lat:0, lng: 0)

Thanks for your help!

  • Cory

Hmm, I see this is happening on sandcastle demos as well

Open the “Particle System” demo, then click to ‘flat’ projection

“Particle System Fireworks” does it too.

I thought it may be related to whether the particle image is created by code drawing into a canvas component, but externally loaded images are doing it as well.

Any help?

Hi there,

I believe this is a known issue- Particle texture visible behind globe when zoomed out · Issue #7511 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub. I’ll add this report to the discussion.

Unfortunately, the team hasn’t been able to spend much time on this issue. If you have the bandwidth to look into it, we’d be happy to provide some guidance.


Thanks Gabby, I may take a look at this when I get a chance. Yes I see now the globe does it as well when zoomed out.

  • Cory