Photogrametry modification

I´m working with architectural visualization in Unreal Engine 4. And I already started to tinker with your plugin.
But I tried to figure out how to merge my projects in a photogrammetry but with no luck.

Can I flatten or erase some tiles from that file in order to fit my project? If so, could you point me to some additional info?

Thank you very much!!

Hello Rodrigo,

We have an open issue for this problem. The ability to cut-out or flatten sections of tilesets is a high-priority item on our post-launch roadmap, so keep up-to-date with active development happening in our GitHub repository. If you find a work-around in the meantime, feel free to share with us as well as the community, either here or at GitHub!

Thank you very much for the fast response!!

I was digging a bit and tried some solutions. But I got stuck with all of them.
1-I tried to mask the areas I don´t need. But I couldn´t got to the material in order to do so. Is there any way to modify the material? I believe that using a runtime virtual texture would be a nice solution.
2-I tried to delete per vertex, but couldn´t get to the meshes either. Is there any way to reach the meshes used?
3-I got to hide the sections I don´t need with CesiumJs. But the assets streamed to Unreal are independent from any js script right?

Keep up the excellent work!!!