New tutorials available: Clipping tilesets (Cartographic Polygons) and Editing Tileset Materials

Hello all,

We’ve just published two new Cesium for Unreal tutorials!

In Hide Parts of Tilesets with Cartographic Polygons, you’ll learn how to hide areas of terrain and other tilesets. This can be useful for combining tilesets, hiding unwanted features and even creating material effects. Speaking of material effects…

In Editing Tileset Materials, you’ll learn the basics of the material system that Cesium tilesets use. The tutorial will walk you through creating a whole-tileset material effect, and a material effect constrained to a Cartographic Polygon.

Got any feedback on either of these tutorials, or need some help? Post your thoughts as a reply to this thread.

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Amazing. Perfect timing, just needed to use this and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

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