Pin 'skates around' while panning view (using terrain)

I am using the latest build… When I add a billboard (pin) and then use a terrain provider, get relatively close in on an angle to my pin, rotate the scene around (like a circular hover around the billboard, using Ctrl-mouse), i notice that the pin moves around the surface quite a bit as if it is skating around, while I am panning/rotating the view.

Is this a known issue still? Work-around? or perhaps i’m missing something simple…

Here’s an older question, same vein:!msg/cesium-dev/8eCj6yx6LCY/rX0tV6jKnYMJ



Hello Ben,

I just responded to your other billboard/terrain issue. I’m guessing this might be because the pin is either above or below the terrain. Could you paste a code snippet if you are still seeing this problem?