Polynomial is Getting bigger when zoomed out from it and getting smaller when zoomed in to it

Hello Team,
I have been working on adding cesium entities in the viewer like polynomial, polynomial volume etc.
for polynomial I am making clampToGroaund false and I believe for polynomial volume we do not have clampToGround functionality.

For Polynomial what I have observed is,
Whenever I zoom in towards the polynomial it get’s smaller and whenever I zoomed out (away from) the polynomial get’s bigger.
Code for polynomial -

return viewer.entities.add({
            polyline: {
                positions: points,
                material: new Cesium.PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty({
                    color: Red,
                    outlineColor:  Black,
                    outlineWidth: 1
                width: 3,
                clampToGround: false,

How can I avoid this behavior of polynomial on zoom in and zoom out ?
Also can we have clampToGround functionality for Polyline Volume ?

Thanks in advance !!
Looking forward for your interesting answers.

Please provide us a sandcastle link to understand the issue properly and create a separate post for another question. I’m not sure if PolylineVolume supports clampToGround. But you can use Corridor with extrudedHeight property and heightReference Property.