Problem with cartographicDegrees coordinates


I started to play with Cesium and CZML a few days ago and I am not yet able to show a correct orbit and orbiter placement for LEO satellites, when using cartographicDegrees coordinates. Is there any documented issue with that? The subsequent orbits are widespread, while the satellite is not placed where it should be. I use the same lng/lat/height coordintates to project orbit on a 2D Google Map and everything is ok, but with Cesium everything is misplaced.
I attached a CZML file. Can anyone who already used cartographicDegrees coordinates to display orbits take a look what am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

iss1.czml (15.7 KB)

It looks like you have the position referenceFrame set to inertial, which means the visualization will be rendered in the inertialframe, Remove this line or set it to “FIXED”. If that’s not the problem, if you could provide your KML in addition to the CZML, I can take a look to compare them (since I’m not sure what you’r expected to see.

Thanks for help. I tried already to switch
to “fixed”, no change. Meanwhile I was able to generate and use cartesian
coordinates which work pretty well.

I have never used KML

At this point I am all right, I don’t
think I will have a need to switch to cartographic coordinates. I may have to
display them but I guess I could convert cartesian to cartographic degrees on