Problem with CesiumWidget after upgrading from b27 to b30

After upgrading from b27 to b30, both IE11 and Chrome now stop rendering after only a couple frame animations. When putting breakpoints on the Request Animation Frame (requestAnimationFrame) and AnimationFrameFired (the render() function in CesiumWidget) events, I see the two working correctly for two, sometimes three frames, and my scene appears to have loaded correctly. However, after the second or third frame request, the render() function never gets invoked again. I don’t see any errors in the debugger or the console, and there’s no stack trace to follow. In IE11, I can still interact with the scene and change the time via the time bar, but nothing happens when I press play. In Chrome, the scene is frozen and won’t accept mouse inputs, and sometimes Chrome itself freezes up completely. Anybody have any ideas on how to further debug this? Or did something change with CesiumWidget from b27 to b30?

I added a targetFrameRate to my CesiumViewer call but it didn’t seem to have any effect. I’ve also reduced my page to just a simple CesiumWidget invocation and the problem persists.


Just an update, I upgraded from Chrome 34.0.1847.116 to 36.0.1985.125 and everything is working now. I reverted back and Chrome froze up on me again trying to load Cesium. Not sure what is causing the problem but I’ll probably just stick with the newer version of Chrome.

The IE11 not playing forward was a separate issue that I’ve fixed, everything seems to be running there.


Thanks for the update. The Chrome problem was a regression in Chrome 34, which was fixed in a later update: